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Change your point of view. A low profile family of masks for the pro, the semi-pro, and all lovers of the sport who want to see the underwater world more clearly. Cressi masks have been designed to give you great visibility, fit, durability and comfort. You’ll get a clear look at what’s going on in any dive environment and our eye-catching translucent colors will let you outshine the brightest fish.

Same great fit and style as the Panoramic 4-Window mask with side windows for increased peripheral vision Sturdy lightweight frame Low volume design for wide field-of-view and easy clearing 100% liquid silicone for comfort and long-life Tempered glass lens for safety Easy adjusting buckles for convenience Cressi Dry Snorkel, Is the first submersible dry top snorkel of the Cressi line.

Great for kids to adults, anyone who wants to feel that much safer when they are snorkeling. The first submersible Dry snorkel in the Cressi collection Dry top eliminates water entry when submerged Soft silicone mouth piece and flex tubing.


Just came back from an amazing cruise and I cannot say enough good things about this package. It came with a carrying bag that could easily fit inside of any backpack or could be carried as it was light and small.

My biggest worry was that water would get in the snorkel and ruin the moment for me as I swam with Sea Turtles in St. Thomas. Zero water got into this snorkel. I had a Speedo snorkel before and although it claimed to be “Dry” but water got in about two-three minutes in the ocean and I would constantly have to expel all the water out by taking the snorkel out of my mouth, and letting the water out. It was a nuisance and it ruined my previous snorkeling experience in the Bahamas.

With this Snorkel, I was able to stay in the water with my head submerged for about 30 minutes with absolutely NO water getting into my snorkel! I was absolutely amazing I did not even have to come up for air I truly felt like a fish. The best part is the flexible mouthpiece that moves with the waves, which allowed me to move underwater swiftly with the fish.

The glass snorkel is amazing and creates the best underwater view. I purchased the Jaws Anti-fog solution and it paired successfully, no fog and beautiful views.
I love this snorkel, and would gladly buy another one if given the chance. Amazing piece of engineering!

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Good mask for the price, after brushing the inside with toothpaste I never had a single problem with fogging issues. You can’t see as much with these as you can with the cheaper cressi frame-less F1 mask. I borrowed my brothers mask and you can see everything with the F1, with mine I had a much smaller field of view and they are NOT panoramic the two side windows are positioned in such a way that you can’t even see them, making them useless.

The dry snorkel was great it’s a HUGE improvement over traditional tube snorkels. The plunger got stuck once or twice and I freaked out because I thought I could no longer use my snorkel but I unsnapped it and gave it a good bash with my hand at the very top and the plunger went back into place. I enjoyed this setup but I have to recommend you buy the Cressi F1 Frame-less for a MUCH better view.

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Excellent snorkel and dive goggles! Was hesitant at first, but these goggles are super comfortable and the snorkel tube straight up rocks! The panoramic view provides an unobstructed view of what’s around you and the snorkel works just like a dive mouthpiece; i.e., air comes down the tube and out in the front. What does this mean? No worry about water in your breathing tube and quick access to fresh air.

There are one way seals in the tube that prevent any water leakage. Lastly, the rubber is super-soft and pliable, so the fit is nice and comfortable. Only one complaint, and I think that is due to me needing to shave… the mask will occasionally leak around the nose are and needs cleared often. Again, this could just be me not getting a good seal due to facial hair. Love the Cressi brand of products!

Oceanways Superview-HD w/ Anti-UV/Glare Optical Multicoating w/Anti-Fog Scuba/Spearfishing Dive Mask (OM940BKSFF) by SeaDive

Oceanways Superview SL High Definition Mask.This mask has OMC (Optical Multicoating) technology that minimizes UV and glare. It reduces light nanometers for better eye comfort and changes white light harshness to bluish light for improved contrast. The TrueColor lenses are specially formulated to pick up red (lost at ten feet) and yellow (lost at twenty feet) and define objects and give better depth perception.

Clear, comfortable, no leaks, beautiful vision. Love it. Love it so much when I got crushed by a wave that knocked off my first pair (congratulations to the person who found this near-new product washed ashore somewhere in Southern CA!) I went out the next day to buy these exact same goggles.

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Perfect for swimming, diving, and scaring little sisters by placing your goggle-wearing face next to theirs and waking them up to see you in your menacing super-goggles. This same intimidation factor works on sharks, as I’ve worn my goggles out 10+ times now and have yet to be attacked. They scurried.

I spend most of my free time in the ocean and have had my fair share of different masks. This has quickly become my favorite mask and the first one I grab before going on a dive. The one piece lens eliminates painful mask squeeze on the bridge of my nose and also allows for better visibility. The lense is made form tempered glass and is tinted to give better color contrast in tropical water.

Colors under water will appear more vivid, allowing you to take in the true beauty of the ocean and all the life it holds. The body of the mask is made from a soft and flexible rubber that seals well around the face and dose not have any painful pinch points. I have scuba dived up to 85 feet deep with this mask with no issues. The masks head strap is made from the same material as the mask and is easy to adjust. The mask comes in a hard plastic case that works well to protect the mask. I have dived with this mask about 15 times and it shows no sign of ware. I would purchase this mask again!

Buy these now. I can’t say enough how incredible these googles are. I’ve never had a pair of goggles that fit my face without leaking, but these fit! They don’t leak! The view underwater is incredible!!! I bought these right before a trip to the Florida keys with 10 friends. By the second day on our trip, 6 people who tried my goggles out went to a dive shop to buy them. Amazing.

Scubapro Synergy Trufit Twin Mirrored Mask

This NEW Trufit ultra-soft skirt has been technically developed to not only fit any and every face shape, but also incorporates a unique rigidity allowing perfect seal and comfort. Rather than consisting of two separate materials, the NEW Trufit skirt has been achieved using two different thicknesses of the same high quality silicone in one skirt, assuring total comfort and sophisticated simplicity.

As with all SCUBAPRO products the Trufit skirt has been tested by demanding divers and improved upon before ever hitting the market. The Synergy Twin mask is constructed using a NEW generation Trufit skirt, although first generation Trufit with unique ribbing and softness can be found on certain Spectra and Volta models. Try a Trufit mask, and feel the difference. Only SCUBAPRO has Trufit Technology.

It’s a SCUBAPRO exclusive. Trufit is a revolutionary mask skirt now available on the Synergy Twin mask. And the skirt is really one of the most important elements of a mask. An excellent mask is essential to premium diving adventures. Trufit makes you feel one with your environment, one with your element: water.

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Awesome mask. Tru fit is so true. The skirt fits and seals tight, but comfortable on my face with no leaks, even with a beard. The coated lens really cuts the glare on bright days. Love this mask. I have 4 Scubapro mask now. Scubapro makes great mask. As a diver of 25 years now, I highly recommend this mask, and basically, the whole Scubapro line.

This is a great mask. I’ve heard that the mirrored lens allows you to get closer to fish because your eye will not scare them away, and this helps with the glare. I’ve found that the low barring eye allows for the little drops of water to hang low and out of sight unlike other masks that have a more square platform.

Lastly, you can ruin a mirrored lens by preparing this mask using white toothpaste or cleaning solution. I would recommend using the lighter method to remove the silicon material, just keep a low flame and obviously keep the flame directed only on the lens.

Atomic Aquatics High Performance Full Foot Split Fin for Scuba & Snorkeling

Propels me forward like nothing I’ve experienced. effortless flipper. caution, they are quite long so don’t think you will be walking out from the sandy beach and into the water without falling over, especially if there are white caps. best if dropping in at depth or putting them on after you are out far enough to swim but not so far that you cant sit down or balance yourself standing up. if near coral or sea urchins, don’t try to walk out in them, destructive to environment and yourself if you topple over onto urchins. Yeah, this comment comes from experience.

Atomic Aquatics Split Fins

A radical new approach to diver propulsion. With the slightest kick, the split blade deflects to form a pair of wings that slice through the water with reduced drag, creating lift in the forward direction to propel you ahead. Compared to conventional fins, the SplitFin swims with less effort, stress and strain resulting in greater sustained speed, power and comfort. Independent testing has shown that this design can significantly reduce air consumption!

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These are the best power to weight ratio fins I’ve used in 40 years of diving, and I’ve owned a lot of the classic and more advanced recent fin designs. Power and flexibility with every kick, very handy fins to put on in a crowded dive boat, and easy to take off near the ladder. The colors are also more vivid than the photos suggest, which make them fun to photograph in bright tropical waters and also make them great for finding your dive buddy in murky low visibility water. Highly Recommended.

Took these to key west. I get cramps a lot in my Cressies and was looking for a split fin to try and cut down on the debilitating and time draining cramping while diving. Most of the fin that initially attracted me were shorter so I was unsure with the length on these which is similar to my existing fins. Based on the reviews on different sites I decided to give these a try and although we did have some drift I did notice a big difference and did not cramp up at all.

I hardly noticed that they were even on when in the water and am super excited about reducing the possibility of leg cramps in the future now that I have these bad boys. They are expensive but you get what you pay for and in this case I feel the investment was well worth it. I also saved on the manufacturer advertised price so in my mind this was a win win. I would recommend these to other divers with similar leg cramping issues.

Scubapro Spectra Mini Mask

The most important consideration in mask selection is fit. No two faces are alike, and the SCUBAPRO broad range takes individual differences into account. The basic difference in masks lies in the number of lenses. Single-lens masks were the first developed and remain a popular choice worldwide because they provide a broad, uninterrupted view. With the advent of silicone skirts, twin-lens masks have become increasingly popular because they typically lower internal volume, making clearing easier.

Chose the blue metallic color – nice-looking. As a woman with a smaller face, I was looking for a mask that fit well without leaking. This Scubapro Spectra Mini fits the need well!  The twin lenses are shaped like upside down tear drops to maximize the field of view and also raked in at the bottom to both improve lower visibility and reduce the internal volume.

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The silicone skirt features two ‘bubbles’ either side of the nose section that allows the skirt to flex when equalizing the ears without affecting the integrity of the seal against the face. The simple buckle system uses a pinch mechanism to release the mask strap. The whole buckle assembly is fitted directly to the silicone skirt to improve fit and flexibility.

Just took the mask on a three day research trip. Diving multiple depths in rough conditions, three back to back dives a day, and had absolutely no problems with fogging or leaking. The mask is perfect for an adult female face. As with many masks, it will let it a small amount of water if you are spending a lot of time head down (as you may be if you are recording data or looking into crevices), but it is very easy to clear. I got it in the pink, which made it very easy to spot in the jumble of unloaded gear each afternoon.

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